Resolutions for our local officials

We here at APIL are sitting down, pens in hand, to write up our New Year’s resolutions (mostly involving going to the gym more), but we grew distracted with sugarplum thoughts of what some local officials could do in 2012 to make our lives better.

So, here are a list of rather unpolitical wishes and lighthearted suggestions for some of our local officials:

*Steve Stuart: Wash your coffee mug. And prove you spruced up your girl bike.

*Tim Leavitt and Mike Ciraulo: Keep your shirt on, and keep it buttoned.

*Jeanne Stewart: Talk a wee bit faster during meetings — there is an 11 p.m. time limit, you know.

*Bill Turlay: As an incoming Vancouver City Council member, start schooling folks on how to say (and spell) your name right. LAY, like the potato chip, not LEY, people!

*Pete Mayer: We know you’re the free-spirited Parks & Rec Director, but let’s keep your dancing to a nonpublic forum.

*Mark McCauley: Dear Clark County Director of General Services, please don’t say the word biomass ever again.

*Marc Boldt: You’re a man of few words. Use your power as incoming chairman of the Clark County Board of Commissioners to expand this personal philosophy to limit speakers from five minutes to three minutes. We’ve got deadlines to make.

*Tom Mielke: Keep blurting out the first thing that pops into your head. Please. We’ve got blog entries to fill.

We realize that should our electeds and public officials follow our requests, our blog would greatly suffer for lack of content. Fortunately, we know most people don’t stick to their resolutions.

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