Read the paper, Mr. Mayor

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and I shared what could be considered our own mini Katie Couric/Sarah Palin moment this week, when I asked him about whether he read The Columbian every day.

The answer: He gets the paper copy at his office and reads more online. BUT: I “don’t actually make it a point to read every day…more based on my schedule and time available,” he wrote in an email.

My response to that bit of news: “So, I’ve got to ask: We may not be the best paper in the world, but we’re the only one that extensively covers SW Washington, including your government. The stories that come out are the issues that people talk about.

How can you not find 5 minutes to peruse the headlines everyday, at the very least? Of course, I’m biased. But still…”

His reply: “I generally receive emails from folks suggesting I check out certain pieces!”

Leavitt’s an informed guy, to be sure… and knows his stuff. He also has a full-time job and his mayor gig. (We also know of other electeds who don’t have a subscription). But what say you blogosphere? Should elected officials read the paper everyday?

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