Public baseball meeting Wednesday evening

As we’ve reported twice, there is a neighborhood-association sponsored meeting, 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Clark County Public Service Center, 1300 Franklin St., on the baseball proposal.

Topics, according to organizer Bridget Schwarz, include: benefits of bringing baseball to Clark County, potential financing methods, ownership of the facility, what roles various parties play in the decision making process and alternative uses of the proceeds of a possible tax.

All of which I’ve written about.

So please excuse me if I sit this one out. If anything new comes up at the meeting, let me know and I’ll write a follow-up story. I should add that if private investors come forward before the Wednesday meeting, I will cover the meeting.

No decisions are going to be made at this meeting, which is a chance for people to ask questions about the proposal.

We’ve reported that one study found that there would be financial benefits to bringing baseball to Vancouver. We’ve reported that people are opposed to the tax, that money from an admissions tax could go to fund basic public services, that Clark College would be the likely owner of the stadium once debts are paid but that would have to be cleared by the state Attorney General’s office.

We’ve also reported that the team went to the Clark County commissioners because of the countywide tax, but the city of Vancouver would issue permits and the Vancouver City Council would have to approve an agreement blah blah blah.

Since the owners of the Yakima Bears announced in May they wanted to move the team to Vancouver, I’ve written two dozen stories about the proposal.

That doesn’t include blog posts, editorials and columns on the subject. That’s 24 stories, by me.

Currently there’s a 30 percent funding gap in the proposal. So unless someone or some group steps forward with at least $6 million, it’s not going to happen.*

And, since one key point doesn’t seem to register with certain people, let’s say it once more, with feeling: Clark College will lease the land for free and provide parking but won’t contribute to construction costs.

*Based on what has been said in public.

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