First-half property tax statements have been mailed, and homeowners with septic systems may have noticed a $16.50 fee.

The flat fee replaces a tipping fee and a reporting fee that some people weren’t paying.

Depending on the type of septic system, inspections are required every one, two or three years. Systems are typically pumped every three to five years.

Revenue from the county’s septic fees are used to operate the county‚Äôs operation and maintenance program. In addition to supporting the annual inspections, the program offers advice and guidance to residents who need to repair their systems.

Commissioner Tom Mielke, who voted against the flat fee, reminded people Wednesday during board time that he has gone six years without needing his septic system pumped.

“You want an award?” asked Commissioner Marc Boldt.

Boldt then said it must have to do with Mielke’s lifestyle.

Mielke, laughing, asked, “You want to know what I’ve been eating?”

Thankfully, Administrator Bill Barron interrupted and switched topics.

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