Please stop, his ego is big enough

So Willamette Week had fun this week with its Vancouver issue, or, as they call us on the front page (apologies to Axl, Slash & Co.) — “Paradise City.”

“Take me to Vancouver, where the grass is legal and gays can marry.”

On their tour of our fair city, Martin Cizmar wrote:

“Everywhere, the natives welcomed us, sharing lessons from their homeland. In some ways, Vancouver lives up to its reputation as a miles-long strip mall. But, tucked among the sellers of mozzarella sticks and snow tires, you’ll find things arty and progressive even before the coming influx of dope-smoking gay-rights activists.
By neglecting to push our state laws forward, Oregonians have ceded the high ground.
Now, we must learn the Vancouver way.”

All of that is in good fun, and that’s fine. But I saw something on Facebook today, and I want to make it clear to Portlanders who want to check us out that, whatever you call Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, please don’t call him this:


We call him Mayor Hoff.

The pic was snapped as Mayor Hoff spoke outside of the Clark County Public Service Center to help commemorate the first day same-sex couples could get marriage licenses.

Mayor Hoff was fashionably (cough, 35 minutes) late and appears to be attempting to grow facial hair.

Call him any other f-word, just not foxy.

Stephanie Rice

Stephanie Rice

I cover Vancouver city government. Reach me at or 360-735-4508.

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