You’ve seen ’em. Right there, next to the inevitable flag pin on your favorite politician. The one that reps their town/city/county.

Well, our local representatives have been kind enough to bestow us with a pin of their land. (Side note: Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt’s said before that he’s handed out enough of these puppies that they had to order a new box).

And now we want to know, which do you think is the coolest? Let us know at this poll.

Our takes?

Stephanie’s take on her beloved Clark County and its pin: “Clark County’s pin features a trapper paddling a canoe, apparently headed away from the county.”

Marissa, on Battle Ground: “The serene setting is appropriate considering it’s the land of the battle that never was.”

Andrea, on Vancouver’s lapel decorations: “Vancouver: We have… a fort!”

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