Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011

It’s that time, when the (usually) slowest news week ever joins hands with the end of the year, driving everyone and their mama to do “A Year in Retrospective” piece.

We’re no different.

But, it was fun to go strolling down blog memory lane, and be completely unsurprised that a blog post comparing our elected officials to Miss Piggy took top honors. Further expressions of not-shock came that any mention of nudity — real or implied — also drove our clicks up. But props to Washougal readers, who are dedicated to reading about their electeds’ drama (or maybe Jon Russell just has a big family).

So, without delay or pageantry, we present our most-read blog items (on The Columbian’s most-read blog — take that high school sports!) of 2011. It’s been a good one. Thanks for following — we can’t wait to see what our band of Clark County newsmakers gets into next year!

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the Muppet show!

  2. Topless Mayor

  3. Stacee Sellers gets handsy

  4. Jon Russell hits the blogosphere to criticize mayor

  5. Suits and a Drag (Queen)

  6. Bear captured in City Hall

  7. Russell apologizes to Washougal mayor

  8. CRC vs. farmer’s market

  9. Farewell, Mr. Mayor

  10. The “c’mon guys, really?” post election blog

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