No liberals were harmed


As a rule, The Columbian tries to stay out of the political sign theft/vandalism reporting racket. It happens every year to candidates on both sides of the aisle — but no matter what, every season, one side thinks they’re getting it worse.

But this is above and beyond.

The Republican PCO races have been particularly contentious this year, with the formation of the PCO Liberty Alliance, made up of mostly Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich supporters.

Apparently the Liberty Alliance’s signs have been getting stolen and vandalized, and those “Don’t tread on me” folks had enough.

David Hedrick, failed Congressional candidate, not only wants liberals to keep their hands off his kids, but off his signs too.

In a video posted today and sent to the mavens, Hedrick and Co. posted a hidden camera near a sign for Lynda Wilson. Sure enough, at 5:30 a.m. Hedrick busted this guy snagging the sign on his bike. (Of course the guy’s on a bike).

Hedrick then discovers a whole stash of signs, in what “can only be described as a graveyard where conservative signs go to die.”

It gets better. Hedrick chases the thief down in his car and calls out the window: “What’s wrong with Lynda Wilson as a PCO? Maybe she’s too conservative? Maybe the establishment doesn’t like her?”

“Go f*** yourself,” the man responds.

It goes back and forth for a minute, with Hedrick using by far the more respectful language.

Hedrick retrieved the signs from the graveyard and returned them to Wilson, who put them back up. But apparently the thief “brazenly returned,” stealing all the signs again.

No word on where the signs went this time.

A few questions: Why would a liberal care about the Republican PCO race? Democrats get one PCO no matter what — so the perp could be a moderate Republican. Do moderate Republicans like bikes?

Why would a guy committing a crime wear bright yellow? Why would he do it on a bike when pretty much anything else is a much faster getaway vehicle? Where did the signs go this time, if not to the graveyard of conservative signs? Who has all this time?

At any rate, as Hedrick notes, no liberals were harmed in the making of this video.

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