Mullets cropping up in the ‘Couve (‘Couv)

I don’t know if y’all saw it, but I had a story in Monday’s paper (posted online Wednesday) that involved me visiting the Southwest Washington SWAT team for one blast of a time.

Well, the story didn’t mention what I was aiming at. Or that I got a sweet neck shot. I did have to laugh when I saw it: One of the two faces of “criminals” above the target was this man with a FANTASTIC mullet:


Looks like the SWAT team knows its audience.

But they’re not the only ones. Fellow maven/mean girl Marissa Harshman spotted this shirt on the online site Etsy:


In fact, I wonder if the shirt is based off our mulleted paper target man?

We all agreed that the mullet is an iconic (if not PC or entirely accurate) mascot haircut for Vancouver, we did get a little hung up on whether it’s Couv or Couve. (We’re not interested in those of you who hate the nickname in total).

Some say it’s Couv. Other say it’s Couve. What say you? (Again, hush nickname haterz).

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