Much to proclaim about nothing

We agree that proclamations always bring attention to worthy causes. But we’re afraid it’s getting a bit overboard.

To wit — the proclamations Mayor Tim Leavitt will read this Monday:

· Better Hearing Month

· Mental Health Month

· Poppy Days

· Youth Appreciation Week

· Older Americans Month

Proclamations for the old and young in one day?! What about the middle aged? At this point, the meaning’s watered down. There are so many, there’s a very small chance The Columbian or any other news outlet would put it on their pages.

Needless to say, for anyone who has heard or read one of these, that’s a lot of “whereas”es.

We propose either: 1) a three minute time limit on proclamations, or 2) an annual blanket proclamation appreciating and being aware of everything and everyone… That one we promise to get on the front page.

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