Modeling mayor

Next time you plan to catch a movie at Battle Ground Cinema, you may want to get to the theater a little early to catch the pre-previews commercials.

No, really.

Battle Ground Mayor Mike Ciraulo makes an appearance on the big screen in an advertisement for local business Summer Skin Tanning Salon.

The ad featuring a sun-kissed Ciraulo began running in the theaters in mid-May.

Ciraulo said he was approached by the salon owners and agreed to pose for the ad to help a new business in the community. He wasn’t paid for the modeling gig.

“I had just come back from our cruise to the Caribbean, so I had a good tan at the time,” Ciraulo said.

Owner Jeremiah Fultz said he and his wife approached Ciraulo for his local celebrity.

“We just figured it was one of the best ways to advertise in town, especially since Mike’s face is so recognizable,” he said.

Ciraulo said he is an occasional user of tanning beds, typically when he’s preparing to travel to a sunny locale.

The tanning salon opened in the Battle Ground Village in December. Here’s the business’ Facebook page:

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