Mixed messages

Election season and campaigns are often full of mixed messages.

But rarely is the office the candidate is seeking the center of the confusion.

This week, an All Politics is Local reader sent me this photo:


Michael Delavar for Congress.

The only problem is Delavar is running to for Washougal City Council Position No. 4, the position he currently holds, not Congress.

At least not right now.

“Not yet,” Delavar said. “I’ll leave that door open.”

Turns out, Delavar is just using the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Those “Delavar for Congress” signs are from his failed attempt to unseat former U.S. Rep. Brian Baird in 2008.

All of the signs are supposed to have a sticker slapped over the “for Congress” part.

The signs should read “Michael Delavar for Washougal City Council Position 4.”

This sign was either missed during the sticker application stage of the assembly line or someone peeled the sticker off, Delavar said.

When I mentioned I planned to write a post for this blog, Delavar offered a point for consideration.

“There‚Äôs potential that people could start peeling stickers off,” once they know they’re there, he said.

The stickers aren’t cheap and replacing them can be a time-consuming process, Delavar said.

The meeting mavens agree.

But we also think you, our loyal readers, know better than to tamper with signs and, frankly, have better things to do.

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