Mielke's a leftist

And by “leftist,” I mean that Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke has been advocating for drivers to once again have the freedom to turn left into Costco.

The left-turn lane off Andresen Road onto Northeast 84th Street closed in late 2009 to prevent a queue of cars from backing up traffic to Padden Parkway. Costco shoppers northbound on Andresen have to go to 88th Street, turn left and then take another left (all with the blessings of traffic lights) to get into the parking lot.

The county has added road sensors, traffic cameras and radar to control the light at 88th Street to allow better traffic flow.

Mielke brought up the issue, for a second time, Wednesday during board time. As with the first time, he got no support from Commissioners Steve Stuart and Marc Boldt. Mielke said he’s been “monitoring” the situation for months and has invited Stuart and Boldt to go on a fact-finding mission with him, to no avail.

Mielke believes traffic has lightened up and it should be no problem to remove the orange barrels and traffic cones.

Stuart said the line of cars will back up again and it’s too dangerous.

Mielke and Stuart went round and round, as if they were trapped in a traffic circle and couldn’t figure out how to exit. Finally someone asked Boldt his opinion, and he agreed with Stuart.

Clark County Public Works Director Pete Capell said Thursday that, based on Wednesday’s 2-1 decision, the temporary closure of the left-hand turn lane will become permanent this summer.

Capell said the county’s still working to improve traffic flow in the area.

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