Mielke turns the gavel over to Boldt

I admit I missed the first Clark County Board of Commissioners’ meeting of 2012 because on Monday I was here:


… and so on Tuesday I could not be here:


Major sacrifice, I know. But I thought the Rose Bowl was worth it.

So I was not at the Clark County Public Service Center to witness the changing of the guard, but did watch the replay on CVTV.

It was no surprise that Marc Boldt was named chairman, as the commissioners take turns. Steve Stuart was chairman in 2010 and Tom Mielke was chairman last year. With only three commissioners, there’s not much suspense.

Naming the new chairman was first on the agenda. Stuart, who was appointed to the board in December 2004 to fill a vacancy, thanked Mielke for his service.

“I’m still learning,” said Mielke, who took office in January 2009. “I still consider myself the new guy.”

“And we still call you the new guy,” said Boldt, who took office in January 2005.

Stuart made a motion to elect Boldt the chairman, and Boldt seconded it.

“It’s arrogant, I know,” Boldt joked. Boldt then nominated Stuart to be vice-chairman, a motion seconded by Mielke.

“Now we get to start the music and change chairs,” Mielke said.

“Take your name plates with you,” said Administrator Bill Barron.

The three men stood. Boldt moved to Mielke’s chair, Mielke moved to Stuart’s chair and Stuart moved to Boldt’s chair.

“You can see why we only do this once a year,” Mielke joked. “It’s kind of complicated.”

In reading off the first bid awards of the year, Boldt did stumble once, reading “truck-mounted stripper” then quickly correcting himself.

“Striper,” he said.

Boldt will give the State of the County address on Thursday, Feb. 2 at Washougal High School. Let’s hope he reads the speech carefully.

Or not, for the sake of this blog.

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