Mielke staying neutral in Boldt-Madore race

Here are the last two sentences of David Madore’s statement in the Clark County Voters Guide:

Vote to elect David Madore for Commissioner and re-elect Commissioner Tom Mielke. Let’s get Clark County working again!

Mielke said Monday he will not make an endorsement in the race between Madore and Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt.

Mielke said he works great with Boldt and he’s sure he would work well with Madore.

Mielke, a Republican, said both Boldt and Madore asked him for an endorsement, but he said he has nothing to gain by choosing sides in a Republican-Republican race. When asked about Madore’s statement in the voters guide, Mielke smiled and said Madore is proud of him.

When asked if he felt compelled to endorse Madore because of the statement in the voters guide, Mielke just said he’s glad Madore is proud of him.

During commissioners’ weekly meetings with Clark County Administrator Bill Barron and other senior-level staffers, Mielke has joked with Boldt about how Boldt makes Mielke look good because Boldt will cast votes with Commissioner Steve Stuart, a Democrat, leaving Mielke free to vote no and look good for his conservative fans. Last year, for example, Mielke voted no on a flat septic fee even after voicing support in a work session. He later said he changed his mind and that he knew he could vote no because Stuart and Boldt would vote yes, leaving him to, as he put it during a CVTV interview, “send a message.”

Madore, who earlier said he has considered ordering Madore/Mielke campaign signs, said he respects Mielke’s decision not to make an endorsement.

Auditor Greg Kimsey said candidate statements don’t change from the primary election guide to the general election guide.

In Boldt’s statement, he doesn’t mention Mielke.

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