Melnick dresses for the occasion

Clark County Health Officer Dr. Alan Melnick is a busy guy.

In the last two weeks, two Clark County kids have been diagnosed with measles.

Melnick and other Clark County Public Health officials have been busy trying to alert the those who were exposed of the risk, keep the media informed and educate the public about vaccinations.

But that busy schedule doesn’t keep Melnick from taking time to coordinate his wardrobe.

On Thursday, Melnick held a press conference to talk about the latest measles case. He wore a black blazer, collared shirt and this tie:


My college biology class told me the purple blobs and little Y-shaped thingys resembled a cell under a microscope.

So, after the press conference, I told Melnick I liked his tie.

“It’s an immunization tie,” he said. “Nobody else noticed.”

Those Y-shaped thingys are antibodies, he said. The tie also features a little syringe (not shown in the photo) that Melnick said is getting the antibodies to make an immunization.

Only a county health official can remain fashionable while talking about deadly diseases.

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