Medical pot just an excuse to get high

Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke answered questions Tuesday from me and Ken Vance, editor of The Reflector, for CVTV’s “Clark County Focus.”

Here’s a link to the show.

Some highlights:

Mielke doesn’t think Commissioner Marc Boldt did anything wrong by voting Feb. 8 to give the emergency loan to Lifeline Connections, and said it was premature for Boldt’s wife, Dawn, to resign her position with Lifeline. Dawn Boldt resigned Feb. 9.

Mielke also explained the county’s stance on medical marijuana gardens and threw in this tidbit: He doesn’t think there’s any legitimate reason for medical marijuana. He said other drugs are just as useful and he’s had friends who’ve used medical marijuana and they’ve admitted as such. They say at least they are enjoying themselves while they are in pain, Mielke said.

If you are a septic user who is curious about the new $16.50 flat fee on your property taxes, you might want to listen to what Mielke has to say. We know he loves talking about his septic system.

But the most fun fact Ken and I learned about the commissioner on Tuesday was, sadly, disclosed after the camera shut off.

We know Mielke loves cars even more than his septic system, and he told us about the first time he bought a car. He was 15. His purchase came as a shock to his parents, and they explained to him the need for insurance and what could happen to him if he was driving without it.

It was a good lesson in responsibility, he said.

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