Mayor in tank vs. car parked in bike lane

No, this didn’t happen in Vancouver. But we wish it did, because it’s one sweet story and video.

The mayor of Vilinus, the capital of Lithuania, got fed up with fancy cars parked in bike lanes. So, in a staged but still awesome move, he took a tank to a Mercedes.

See the video here.

Well, I had to send this to Mayor Tim Leavitt. I asked him if here in Vancouver it would be more appropriate if he used his SUV to run over a bike.

His response: “Heck no! I’m a fan & supporter of biking (great exercise) and the biking community. Haven’t you seen the photo of me and my BFF Steve Stuart that The Columbian keeps posting?!?”

Why, now that he mentions it, we have seen that photo! The one with the two of them in matching outfits and Stuart on a girls’ bike?


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