Mayor can now catch his zzzzzzzs

I can see the commercial now:

Narrator: Camas Mayor Scott Higgins, you just selected your city administrator after sifting through 51 applicants this month. Where are you going to celebrate?

Higgins: To sleep.

Commercial director: You’re supposed to say, “Disneyland.”

Higgins: But I just want to sleep.

Higgins expressed relief Wednesday, not just because the search was over for now, but also because it meant he could relax.

“I haven’t slept in two weeks,” he told me. “It felt like I was carrying the weight of the world.”

That’s 5.972E24 kilograms, if you’re scoring at home.

“It’s a big responsibility to set your community’s future,” the mayor added.

Now that the future – or at least the rest of 2012 – is set, Higgins can put aside his Atlas act and catch some zzzzzs.

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