Local dude Jim Mains tried to help a woman out Thursday, but his manly hands weren’t up for the task. Never one to pass up a funny photo-op, Mains attempted to change the Oregon plates on state legislative candidate Debbie Peterson’s Mercedes.


“Those screws are on there! Man o’ man,” Mains wrote on his Facebook page. His FB friends got the joke, which was a reference to Clark County Commissioner candidate David Madore’s comment that was posted on The Columbian’s story about Peterson’s Oregon plates.

Mains told the mavens that he was trying to prove that even a man couldn’t remove the screws.

Peterson, who bought the car in January and does have Washington plates for it, said she couldn’t figure out how to get the Oregon plates off and hasn’t had time to buy the right tool. She said she was hoping someone would take pity on her and help.

The story, which ran on the bottom of Page C1 (an indication that it’s the least-newsy among local news stories of the day) generated a lot of attention online.

Madore chalked up Peterson’s plates problem to gender. “Most of us guys don’t think twice about getting a nonstandard fastener off. But women normally don’t find it so easy. Debbie, bring your car to US Digital and we will swap your plates no problem,” Madore wrote.

Temple Lentz responded with, “Wow, David. With that kind of gender essentialism, I’m kind of surprised you even think a lady is up to the task of being a legislator. They have some late nights, you know – which can cut into her beauty sleep and make her cranky when it’s time to make breakfast!”

And then — well, read the comments.

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