Lost in translation?

This exchange from the March 15 Clark County Planning Commission meeting between Chairman Dick Deleissegues and a new member, Eileen Qutub, made me laugh. Qutub was appointed to the board by county commissioners in December and the chairman couldn’t get her name right. (They were discussing private bridges.)

QUTUB: Mr. Chair.

DELEISSEGUES: I’m going to skip you for now. Estelle.

QUTUB: Eileen. Eileen.

DELEISSEGUES: Eileen, whatever. I’m Dick. What’s my name?

QUTUB: Okay, Mr. Chair. Mr. Dick chair. Anyway, I think that staff actually clarified why the change in the width was done when it was indicated that the Category A is no longer in that and that’s the four lots, so now we’re talking about 20 lots, and so that is why the Commissioners said with 20 lots it ought to be 16-feet wide, not 12 because 12 was originally for the four. Is that correct, it was the A1 category?

More residents will know Qutub’s name as the former Oregon lawmaker is running for Craig Pridemore’s vacated state Senate seat. And she’s not the only member of the Clark County Planning Commission aiming for an elected position. Ron Barca is running against Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke and Jim Gizzi is running against state Rep. Paul Harris.

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