Look away, libertarians, look away

Another supporter of a public-private proposal to bring baseball to Vancouver has come forward. Eric Walters, general manager of the public-private Hilton Vancouver Washington, sent this letter to members of the Vancouver City Council.

August 2, 2011

City Council Members

City of Vancouver
P.O. Box 1995
Vancouver, WA 98668

Dear Council Members,

I have reviewed the results from the Economic and Fiscal Benefits Analysis developed by Paul Dennis and Eric Hovee regarding the relocation of the single-A baseball team from Yakima to Vancouver. I believe our community would benefit from this relocation and the new proposed multi-use facility will bring other sporting and entertainment events to our area long after the baseball season finishes each year.

A single-A baseball team will positively impact our local area hotels by having players, owners and fans stay with us as well as give our hotel guests another entertainment option that keeps them in Clark County. Also, the proposed new multi-use facility would make it possible to compete against other cities for a number of sporting and entertainment events that would benefit our community. These events will bring hundreds of participants, family members and fans who stay and dine in our community for multiple days.

Finally, the projected $34.5 million construction impact would offer a significant boost to that industry and would create 280 direct and indirect full-time jobs during the construction phase. The 150 full and part-time employees that are directly associated with the Bears organization will also have a positive impact to our economy year after year.
Please join me in supporting this development which I believe will benefit the entire community.

Eric Walters
General Manager

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