Local lookalikes

When chatting in the newsroom recently, a reporter posed an interesting question.

“Don’t you think Jim Jacks looks like Kenneth from 30 Rock?”

She was referring to state Rep. Jim Jacks, D-Vancouver, who represents the 49th district, and Jack McBrayer who plays the character Kenneth Parcell on the TV show “30 Rock.”


The similarities between “Kenneth” (left) and Jim Jacks got us thinking: What other local officials have celebrity lookalikes?

How about Food Network personality Paula Deen (left) and La Center City Councilwoman Linda Tracy?


And is it just us, or does the late actor Walter Matthau (left) look a lot like former “America’s Vancouver” Mayor Royce Pollard?


And just for fun, how about Vancouver’s new Fire Chief Joseph Molina and Columbian Editor Lou Brancaccio?


So what do you think? What other local officials have celebrity doppelgangers?

A special shout-out to Linda Lutes in our photo department for putting these nice side-by-side shots together.

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