Local Lookalikes Pt. Duex!

We can’t help ourselves. As we spend the bulk of our time considering the actions of public officials, or at least looking at them during meetings (when not staring at a power point or the wall), we wind up thinking about who else they look like.

So, just over a month after we posted a blog comparing several well known local faces with eerily similar celebrities.

But we’re back for round two.

First up is crazy-town’s Mel Gibson and Battle Ground Mayor Mike Ciraulo. While the mayor has been caught in a hot dog costume, Gibson wins the round for insanity.


Next is a suggestion from our reader, Polis, who put Capt. Von Trapp of the Sound of Music side by side with Commissioner Steve Stuart. Maybe Steve can get a whistle like the one Von Trapp has to keep meetings in order? (Polis also succeeded in ruining this family classic for Stephanie).


And finally, forgive the fuzzy picture quality, but Alfred Molina as the Comte de Reynaud in Chocolat and Battle Ground Councilor Alex Reinhold look like they were separated at sweets-loving birth.


Like we asked before, got any other good lookalikes in mind? Otherwise, we may be forced to start assigning the Vancouver City Council their corresponding Muppets characters…

A special shout-out to Linda Lutes in our photo department for putting these nice side-by-side shots together. Again.

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