Let my people (me) go!

Jon Dessert wants everyone to know that he’s a sovereign free man.

And that means that the Vancouver resident does not have to pay for his traffic infractions.

He feels strongly enough that he filed a lawsuit in Federal Court on Jan. 4, declaring himself exempt from traffic laws.

In a notarized document that includes his right thumb print from the lawsuit, he says:

“I Jon Dessert demand that the Washington Department of Licensing computers reflect that I am a Sovereign free man, not subject to statute traffic infractions, and that once the officer sees this information on his mobile computer, he is instructed that I not to be (sic) detained for any future driving infractions.”

Dessert apparently was stopped by Sheriff’s Deputy James Naramore, who cited him for expired vehicle tabs and a defective safety device.

He named Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, Sheriff Garry Lucas (who can’t seem to stay out of these matters), district court judges, and city and prosecuting attorneys galore.

The infractions, he argues, are a violation of his Constitutional right to travel unencumbered.

What does this mean for the Vancouver City Council? Tomorrow morning at their budget retreat, they have to give the city attorney funding authority to pay for Leavitt’s defense.

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