Leavitt’s hot air now gas powered

Vancouver’s own Portlandia knock-off, Vancouvria, debuted its sixth and “season finale” episode last Friday at Kiggins Theatre downtown.

The episode features Vancouver’s fictional mayor calling upon the lead characters to find a mascot to finally capture the essence of our tough-to-pin-down town.

The pair hold auditions, once again at the Kiggins, and draw all sorts: A couch potato; the Friends of Trees mascot (too Portland); a raindrop (it rains more in Seattle); and more.

Finally, up steps the real mayor, Tim Leavitt, in an unidentified cameo role. He fires up one of those wacky inflatable arm deals most often seen in front of car dealerships — except this one looks like Uncle Sam.

It’s a slam dunk: patriotic, fun to look at, and best of all, powered by a gas generator (none of that hippie solar stuff here).

But ultimately, the fictional mayor rejects the idea in favor of… well, watch the episode. We won’t spoil it.

In other Vancouvria news, it looks like the show will be back for another season, having met its $3,500 fundraising goal on Kickstarter.

And, from the Twitterverse, Portland mayoral hopeful Jefferson Smith said today that he’d be more likely to appear in the north of the river show than it’s IFC inspiration.

Vancouvria tweeted to Smith: “if you are elected, will you star in Vancouvria?”

Smith replied: “– more likely than appearing on Portlandia.”

Guess we’ll have to wait and see what Portland’s November election — and Vancouvria’s next season — hold.

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