Leavitt thanks Stewart for leaving quietly

For two years running, the council assignments to boards and commissions have been contentious, and this year, the removal of Councilor Jeanne Stewart from the C-Tran board was particularly tense.

But, council insiders said that when Pat Campbell proposed Monday she be pulled, that wasn’t the first she’d heard of her impending ouster.

Either way, Mayor Tim Leavitt had warned her this may happen when she made the vote to split bus operations and light rail into two in September, against council wishes. He also sent a few text messages to me after the tough meeting (and after my deadline), expressing his appreciation that she defended her stance and her actions without losing her cool.

At 8:45 p.m., he said: “Jeanne Stewart handled a difficult situation with grace, professionalism and with consideration of a functioning Vancouver City Council. I applaud her actions.”

At 9:27 p.m., he followed with: “But, she did violate a council policy so action from the council was warranted and justified.”

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