Just junk this voicemail

If you can count on any Vancouver City Councilor to do almost as much investigating as a Columbian reporter, it’s Dr. Bunsen Honeydew himself, Jack Burkman.

Seriously. Like one time I wrote a tweet questioning whether something someone said was really a word. He instantly looked it up and sent me the definition. If this guy has a question, he’ll get the answer.

And Burkman had a question about a voicemail he got on Tuesday (not from Jeanne Harris).

The robo call started with “one of your recycle drivers” giving a critical warning about trash pick-up.

“Waste Management Corporation is substituting us with drivers from out of state who may not be qualified to drive heavy garbage trucks on our region’s dangerous roads,” the voicemail says. It goes on to warn to keep your children under close watch and call the cops if you see any dangerous driving.

Burkman sent it up the chain at City Hall. Vancouver Environmental Resources Manager Rich McConaghy was on it.

“Unfortunately, it looks like this message was intended for citizens or perhaps elected officials in the Seattle area,” McConaghy wrote. “Waste Management Drivers in King and Snohomish County and possibly even in Skagit County went on strike last week (and it looks like this could be expanding to some other Puget Sound jurisdictions) — both sides seem to be working hard to gain support for their particular perspectives.

This does not affect Vancouver or Clark County. Waste Connections is our locally contracted service provider. Waste Connections’ union contracts have recently been renewed for the next three years (both for drivers and mechanics) so we don’t anticipate any issues of this sort.”

So, good recycling citizens of Clark County, if you also get one of these calls, just hit delete.

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