Jon Russell hits the blogosphere to criticize mayor

Washougal City Councilman Jon Russell is taking a cue from celebrities like Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan.

And while he’s not claiming to have “tiger blood,” Russell is taking to the net to air his grievances.

Following a spat at the Washougal City Council meeting Monday night, Russell criticized Mayor Sean Guard on his Facebook page and personal blog.

Here’s his Facebook post:

“I wish our Mayor would have invited the whole council and the public to this meeting. Those of us that oppose the E St. Project were locked out fo [sic] the meeting.”

Russell then encouraged readers to comment on the Camas-Washougal Post-Record story about the Monday night showdown.

Here’s a little background:

Councilman Rod Morris suggested a meeting between the city and business owners along E Street who are seeing sales drop during road construction.

Guard set up a meeting at a local restaurant and invited Morris since it was his idea. He asked that other council members not attend to avoid a quorum of council members. If a quorum attended, the public would need to be notified.

Guard said the meeting was not about a political issue and did not need to include the entire council.

Russell accused Guard of “locking out” other members of the council, so Guard said he invited the members of the public works committee – Morris, Molly Coston and Paul Greenlee – since the E Street project is a public works project.

On Monday, Russell criticized the mayor’s decision and made his opinions known online.

On his blog, Russell said “in my opinion, Mayor Sean Guard used the Open Public Meetings Act to keep a majority of council members from attending a meeting without public notice.”

But don’t expect a celebrity-esque Twitter feud between these two.

While Guard said he was at one time “friends” with Russell on Facebook. Guard has since been “de-friended.”

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