It’s T-shirt time!

On “Jersey Shore,” — not that the meeting mavens watch that trash — the call to male housemates, “It’s T-shirt time,” means it’s time to put on your finest clubbin’ shirt and head out for the night.

Pauly D’s words were ringing in our ears today when we read the e-mail from David Madore employee Debbie Peterson about the Vancouver City Council meeting tonight. (And unfortunately when we were forwarded the message, the attachments didn’t make it. So you’ll have to see for yourself how the T-shirts look when the group shows up at City Hall.)

—–Original Message—–
From: Debbie Peterson []
Sent: Sunday, February 27, 2011 1:16 AM
Subject: Today’s action, Tomorrow’s future. Tee shirts (look at the attachments – they are great)

Dear Friends,

Please email to your email lists.

  1. Call to Action: Get your “I Survived City Hall” T-Shirts! See
    below…these are poignant! Be sure to wear them to Monday night
    City Hall. See below for times and also workshop times.
    (Workshop…will talk about suspending citizen comment.)

  2. Call to Action: Super important! Email:

Let him know that you are adamently against light rail and CRC. Why? Because as Ron S. says, “Each morning communications are assembled and delivered to the daily staff meeting of Mr. LaHood. We can still get our views in for the Monday departmental meeting. Without the awareness of opposing viewpoints, Secretary LaHood may assume that there is widespread support for, and critical need for, a replacement
I-5 crossing. Make it brief and clear.

Discouraged about the CRC project? Don’t be! Don Wagner looked
humiliated, as he tried to explain to Transportation Chair Mica why his project was $4B and his $150M-CRC bridge study was over half the cost of the I-35 Minnesota bridge. We can still get comments into Secretary Ray LaHood prior to his Monday, Feb. 28 meeting with Kitzhaber and WA Governor Gregoire.(See above for email address.)

Also… House Transportation Committee Chairman John L. Mica (R-FL) and Railroads Subcommittee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-PA) expressed extreme reservations regarding the Obama Administration’s plan to spend $53 billion over the next six years on rail infrastructure projects. “This is like giving Bernie Madoff another chance at handling your investment portfolio,” Mica said.

Also, The Oregon Legislature, last month said that they were not
planning on funding the CRC for the next two years. Gee, without
that funding, it might be hard to afford the $27,000/month rent the
CRC pays on its suites. Yes, that is the correct figure…in fact,
some months, itis $35,000/month.

  1. Call to action: City Hall: 7:00PM, Workshop: 4:00PM.

(Please be there w/a tee shirt! : )

Tee-Shirts: From: Josephine

I am proud to announce that our tee shirts (photos attached) were printed before the City Council Monday Night Meeting! Monday’s meeting will be at
7:00p.m . (Can’t pay right now? Give Josephine an I.O.U.)

I have a limited number of tee shirts available for a $10.00 donation (to
help cover costs). We have men sizes from small to 2XL. They are available
on a first come first served basis. If you would like one, please let me know ASAP so that I could reserve them for you. I will bring them to the Monday night meeting with hopes that everyone get one and wear it that night! (If you would like to forward this email to your email list, please check your list and eliminate those who are ‘questionable alliances’.)

Se you all at city council on Monday! Josephine Wentzel,

  <;         (360)241-8789

PS: For those of you who may have forgotten what we survived that night, you may view the video at:

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