Interstate Bridge will be built


Ha. Got your attention yet?

For a while now, I’ve had this picture of the July 14, 1914 Vancouver Daily Columbian tacked to my corkboard.

What a trip huh? Looks like Multnomah County issued $1.25 million in bonds to get the job done. (That’s $26,872,149.03 in 2010 dollars, according to an online inflation calculator)(double parenthesis: The Columbia River Crossing is set to be $3.5 billion, not counting inflation and interest).

Pretty sure that the “big public demonstration held on streets” in 1914 — a monster parade on Main Street headed by band — would today involve more of an unruly mob with David Madore crowd surfing on top.

Honestly, I wouldn’t put the odds high this will again be our headline anytime soon. But who knows — legislators are fickle beasts.

My favorite headline from the day’s edition actually came farther down the page: “Bull moose calls his followers.”

I’m just sad that this reproduction too small a font to read that four-hooved tale.

Keep reading the Vancouver (still daily) Columbian for the latest.

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