Inconsistent farmers and their markets

‘Tis the season for farmers, farmers’ and farmer’s markets.

Communities throughout Clark County are gearing up for the market season.

They all have food, plants, fresh fruits and veggies, and flowers. What they don’t have is a consistent name.

First, there’s the Vancouver Farmers Market. The name implies it’s a market of farmers – precisely what we’d expect.

This market of farmers opened March 17 and operates every Saturday and Sunday through October 28.

Washougal followed suit when it opened the Washougal Farmers Market. As did the Ridgefield Farmers Market, which opens this Saturday.

Next up, the Salmon Creek Farmers’ Market. The punctuation in this name tells us it’s a market belonging to numerous farmers. Sounds good to us.

The Salmon Creek market will open June 17 and continue every Thursday through September 25.

Then we have the Camas Farmer’s Market. The name suggests this market may not be so plentiful since “farmer’s market” means it’s a market belonging to one farmer.

We know that’s not the case, though. The Camas market has lots to offer, despite the name.

The market opens June 13 and runs every Wednesday through October 10.

Then there’s the La Center Farmers (Farmer’s) Market. The city website lists the market under both names.

Perhaps the La Center market is having an identity crisis.

Either way, the market opens May 24 and operates every Thursday through Sept. 13.

The smart folks in Battle Ground avoided all possibility of punctuation faux pas in choosing the name Battle Ground Village Outdoor Market.

The word wonks here at APIL prefer Vancouver’s approach: a market of farmers.

But we’ll let the punctuation problems slide as long as the farmers continue to share their bounty each week at the farmers, farmers’ and farmer’s markets.

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