Inciting veggie violence in Hough?

Well, we’re not sure what to make of this letter, which was sent to us by someone who said it was distributed in the Hough neighborhood in west Vancouver a few hours before a meeting of the Clark County Democrats.


Bravo to the author for the correct use of capitalization. (So we were able to rule out Larry Patella.)

But if you are going to try to rally against the Dems, we suggest starting in a ‘hood other than the liberal enclave that is Hough. Try east Vancouver.

Vice-chairman Nick Ande said nobody showed up to throw tomatoes at the Dems, and that’s no surprise for three reasons.

  1. Hough residents who would want to stand in the rain were probably at the Portland Timbers game.

  2. When gas prices get too high, Hough residents just ride their bikes more often.

  3. Hough residents grow their own tomatoes, and they are not in season yet.

Any ideas on who distributed the letter? Post ’em below!

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