If the fates allow

Through the years we all will be together / If the fates allow / Hang a shining star upon the highest bough / And have yourself a merry little Christmas now

At Friday’s Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce’s Ambassador Holiday Luncheon at the Heathman Lodge, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt was outbid on a pair of tickets for the PAC-12 championship game between University of Oregon and UCLA.

During the bidding, former Vancouver Mayor Royce Pollard, much to the crowd’s amusement, called out to the woman who was bidding against Leavitt that he’d pitch in $20.

Leavitt did not get the tix.

Everyone loves an awkward moment between Royce and the man who dethroned him, and, in that respect, the event just got better.

Our source, Brian Willoughby, spokesman for Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center, said Leavitt was called up to draw people’s names to win table centerpieces.

The first name Leavitt pulled out? Of course. Leavitt smiled and shook his head, and showed the piece of paper to Kelly Parker, chamber president. The announcement that Pollard was the winner drew a big roar from the 300 or so attendees, Willoughby said.

Pollard collected his centerpiece without comment.

Happy holidays!

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