How local legislators did on NARAL Pro-Choice Washington’s scorecard

From the Department of Not All That Surprising, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington released its scorecard earlier this month of state legislators on how they voted on abortion access.

The Reproductive Freedom Legislator Scorecard, not all that surprisingly, gave high marks to Clark County’s legislative Democrats and low marks to Republicans. 

According to the scorecard, lawmakers were graded on their actions during the last legislative session on a range of bills that concerned reproductive access, as well as more general health care and privacy. The scorecard specifically looked at lawmakers’ voting records on pro-choice legislation, sponsorship of bills, public comment and other advocacy work. 

Rep. Monica Stonier and Sen. Annette Cleveland, both Vancouver Democrats, received “A’s.” However, Rep. Sharon Wylie, D-Vancouver, received a “B.” The scorecard doesn’t specify why Wylie received a lower grade. 

The Republicans from Clark County’s 17th Legislative District received lower marks. Reps. Paul Harris and Vicki Kraft, as well as Sen. Lynda Wilson received “F’s.” 

In the Republican-dominated 18th District, Sen. Ann Rivers received a “D,” as did Reps. Brandon Vick and Larry Hoff.

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