Hi mom! I'm on TV!

The Clark County Board of Commissioners and the Vancouver City Council met Monday to talk about several things, including fighting over biomass and about the upcoming renewal of Comcast’s franchise license with the city and county.

As the workshop kicked off, Commissioner Steve Stuart joked: “Is this is where we talk about being able to get the NFL Sunday ticket on Comcast? Is that in the agreement? ‘Cause if it’s not then I don’t know why I’m here.” (It isn’t part of the agreement, Chief Assistant City Attorney Judy Zeider said later. But Stuart stayed put anyway.)

Later, when they were discussing Comcast’s moving more of its stations to HD, Stuart said he prefers to remain in analog.

“It’s grainier,” he joked, before taking a shot at the mayor’s vanity. “Tim (Leavitt) has been talking about digital though. He wants to be HDTV, or preferably 3D.”

Councilor Jeanne Stewart also took the time to share her TV frustrations, except, her problems have to do with the digital receiver she installed, not cable.

“I have some of my system hooked up to (a digital box). Not through Comcast, just through the airwaves. None of that is stable… I do want to say I think it’s a shame that those transmissions are so unstable… you have to be hooked up to somebody you’re paying” to get a good signal, Stewart said.

Zeider replied: “That has to do with over the air broadcast signals and was an FCC mandate. It isn’t directly related to cable,” (ie: the topic of this workshop).

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