HEY! I’m running for election!

Oh local elections… how does a candidate strike the right tone to announce a run? In Clark County, there’s no set way, judging by the spate of announcements that have floated into our offices.

The most common, of course, is a press release, a move favored by Vancouver Councilor Bart Hansen and Washougal Councilor Jennifer McDaniel, for example.

But others buck the trend.

Vancouver Mayor Pro Tem Larry Smith? Well, he had a 30-minute announcement speech for his run at the new City Hall, in front of dozens of supporters and big names, including Royce Pollard, Pat Jollota, Betty Sue Morris, Bart Hansen and executives by the handful. (His adorable granddaughter also made an appearance).

Vancouver Councilor Pat Campbell? He emailed The Columbian last night with this: “Sent my C-1 (candidate registration) to Olympia this afternoon and opened my website, www.patservesus.com.”

That’s all.

So far, Washougal Councilor Michael Delavar has gotten the most creative, making a video of he and his wife dancing through the city’s streets.

The filing deadline isn’t until June, so we here in the newsroom are waiting to see who tops that… cookies might be good?

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