Hey everyone (anyone?), come out and plan!

We don’t make it to many planning commission meetings, but they seem like a pretty friendly bunch.

So we were surprised to learn Monday that while they’ve put the latest open seat on the seven-member board out for advertisement three different times, they haven’t found a qualified applicant.

Sure, it’s a volunteer gig. And sure, it seems dry. But the planning commission really vets a lot of the city’s big land use issues and smooths them out before they go to the city council.

And, it’s not often those grand poo-bahs of city government reject the planning commission’s recommendations. (Though it does happen).

Plus, on a personal note, I’d suggest those interested in city government try and get on board. Cut your teeth there, rather than sailing out into the candidate fray with no real concept of how it all works.

At least two people on council — Mayor Tim Leavitt and Councilor Jeanne Stewart — got their start with stints on the planning commission.

If you’re interested, hit up Amanda Delapena at(360)487-8605, or visit www.cityofvancouver.us/boards. Applicants must be a City of Vancouver resident. Applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. April 21.

Be prepared to spend about 20 hours a month preparing and in monthly meetings.

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