Herrera Beutler supports Boldt, Mielke

Readers of All Politics is Local should be checking reporter Stevie Mathieu’s blog, “Political Beat,” for news-that-didn’t-quite-make-the-news dish on state and federal officials.

And there is some crossover.

Check out her latest blog to see what Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler said during her latest coffee chat when asked about the decision by the Clark County GOP executive board to discipline Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt.

From Mathieu’s blog:

The participant asked Herrera Beutler: “How do you feel about the local Republican party action recently toward a Republican who wasn’t towing the line?”

Herrera Beutler said constituents, not political parties, should come first.

“We were elected to govern, and that doesn’t mean you agree with everybody,” she said. “I’m going to support both county commissioners who are up for election this year. Because I think that overall their goal is to govern. I’m going to catch flak for telling you that, but that’s OK.”

Boldt and Herrera Beutler go way back, to when the former farmer used to hire her (and other local kids) to pick blueberries. Then of course Boldt was among Clark and Cowlitz county commissioners who appointed her in 2007 to fill an 18th District vacancy created by the resignation of Richard Curtis.

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