Health problems led to resignation, former Yacolt mayor says

Yacolt Mayor Joe Warren said health problems led to his abrupt resignation Monday after six years in office.

At Monday’s Yacolt Town Council meeting, Mayor Pro Tem Dave Hancock publicly read Warren’s resignation letter, which cited “personal reasons beyond my control.”

“They’re just health issues I have to address,” he said Wednesday, declining to go into specifics. “Being in that position (the mayor’s office) I wasn’t able to devote time and effort to address them.”

Warren was adamant his decision had nothing to do with a recent report from the Washington State Auditor’s Office that revealed the town bought $14,000 in equipment from one of its employees — a state law violation.

He disagreed with the auditor’s findings in that instance.

“We had the ability to make purchases under special market conditions,” Warren said. Contrary to the auditor’s report, the town got a comparable quote on the equipment, he added.

Among the achievements Warren said he was most proud of were Yacolt’s new town hall, its numerous street projects and managing the budget.

He ruled out returning to town politics in the near future.

“This was going to be my last term,” he said.

Warren will continue working in La Center’s Public Works Department, he said. He added that he looked forward to spending more time with his young child.

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