Harris makes surprise appearance at "Clash in the 'Couve"

A fun fight for a good cause Saturday at the Vancouver Farmers Market featured a special guest: Vancouver City Councilor Jeanne Harris.

The “Clash in the ‘Couve” was billed as a comical battle between Jim Mains, president of the Vancouver Farmers Market, and Gary Bock, executive director of the Vancouver Watersheds Council.

More than 100 people watched the fight, which raised approximately $2,000 for the Vancouver Watersheds Council and the Parks Foundation of Clark County.

Harris, shown below with Mains in a photograph taken by Councilor Jack Burkman, made a surprise appearance in round 3 and smacked down Mains and Bock.

“I’ve got two words for you,” joked Harris. “Gavel down!”


To read more about the friendly rivalry between Bock and Mains, go to their Facebook page.

Mains said Monday that a “Clash in the ‘Couve 2” could be in the works, featuring Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart.

The meeting mavens are putting money on Stuart.

Speaking of money, Saturday’s event ended with Mains announcing that the Vancouver Farmers Market would donate $5,000 to the Parks Foundation.

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