Haberthur + Ciraulo = Mud Buddies

Earlier this summer, Battle Ground Deputy Mayor Phil Haberthur sent me an email with the following message:

I have a topic to pitch to you. Ciraulo. Me. Mud Buddies. Photos. Interested?

My response: Absolutely.

Now, I know where your mind is likely headed. “Mud buddies” is not in any way related to mud wrestling — that I’m aware of.

Today, Haberthur sent me details — and a photo — related to this “mud buddies” event.

Last fall, Haberthur and Mayor Mike Ciraulo participated in a bike/run/obstacle course event called, Mud Buddies.

The event has two-person teams. Participants alternate between running one mile and off-road biking a mile for a total of six miles. There’s also an obstacle at the end of each leg.

Here’s how Haberthur described his experience:

We did not train. Period. In fact, we stayed out late the night before attending an auction for the North County Food Bank. After a restful five hours of sleep, I picked Ciraulo up around 5 a.m. at his house. We went to Starbucks, then over to Fred Meyer for gas and to put air in my mountain bike. That’s when I realized that the back tire had a flat. Ciraulo said, “no problem, we’ll use my bike. It’s a beach cruiser. It has a basket on the front, one gear, and the brakes work fairly well.” I nixed that idea. So, we borrowed Gilda’s bike. That thing must have been a 17″ mountain bike because I couldn’t ride it and turn the handlebars without crashing the dang bars into my knees. And it wouldn’t shift. (Editor’s note: Gilda is Battle Ground’s first lady)

So, we arrived in Estacada around 6:30, and got ready for the race (we walked around — old guys don’t stretch for fear of suffering a catastrophic injury). I started the race on the bike, and Ciraulo started running. I made it about 200′ when the seat dropped and I was suddenly dragging my feet on the ground. I got the seat fixed, only to see Ciraulo running up on me, and I had a 2 minute head start.

The race went well, but at the end of each leg, Ciraulo had some words for me that aren’t fit for printing. After the final leg, we each had to army crawl through the mud pit. Ciraulo chose to wear pants, and he chose to try and keep his hair clean as evidenced by the picture. I blazed through the mud pit (again, blazing in the context of an old guy), and then turned around to see Ciraulo slowly making his way through. Since the timer didn’t stop until we both crossed the finish line, I went back and dragged Ciraulo out of the mud and to the finish line. Well, bad idea. His pants had soaked up enough mud that they were now falling off. There we were, in a sprint to the finish, I’m dragging/pushing Ciraulo and he has both hands on his drawers trying to keep from putting on a show.

We did finish the race, and this picture was taken about 30 seconds after we crossed the finish line. I do want you to note that I have mud on my face, and Mike is only muddy up to about mid-chest. Some gave all, some just competed.

Here is the photo:


Now, this email raised a few questions.

First of all, where’s the photo of Ciraulo riding his beach cruiser with a basket?

Second, what’s with elected officials and beach cruisers?

Lest you forget:


(Stuart claims he has made some alterations to his beach cruiser in order to make it more manly. We’ve yet to see the photographic evidence.)

Haberthur and Ciraulo missed this year’s event, which was last weekend, due to scheduling conflicts.

Haberthur vows the duo will be back next year, we hope, with the beach cruiser.

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