Guns yes, beer no

As an amended code established last year, it’s legal to carry your gun in a park.

Beer, however, remains a no-no.

Clark County commissioners on Wednesday reviewed proposed park code changes — most of the codes were written in 1976 and last updated in ’81 — with Pete Mayer, director of Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation and Brian Potter, manager of You Can Do This In Parks, But You Can’t Do That.

The meeting got off to an unusual start, with Commissioner Marc Boldt suggesting everyone sing “Happy Birthday” to Mayer.

“The city council doesn’t sing for you, does it?” Boldt asked.

“I come here for the love,” Mayer said.

But then it was down to business.

Potter said the parks staff wants to be a bit more flexible about permitted activities.

For example, in what I’ll attribute to the popularity of “The Hunger Games,” Potter said he’s been receiving more requests from groups that want to stage archery tournaments. That could happen in certain parks, he said.

Second, he said he wants to allow people who get a permit to use a park for a special event such as a wedding be allowed to serve alcohol so, for example, there can be a champagne toast. He also said local wineries might want to host a wine tasting in a park.

Any consumption of alcohol is currently prohibited.

But you can go to Lewisville Park and drink a beer while having a picnic, can’t you? asked Commissioner Steve Stuart.

“If nobody sees you,” Potter said.

“Have you ever been to Lewisville?” Stuart replied.

Potter said there are no current exceptions for alcohol. (State parks do allow alcohol in certain areas.)

“As a good liberal trying to restrict people’s liberties, I appreciate that,” said Stuart, the only Democrat on the board and only board member who is fluent in sarcasm. But the Republicans on the board might want to advocate to allow people over 21 to drink, he said. Otherwise, “you might get banned.”

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