Guess who’s invited to the ‘STUD PARTY’


OK. You don’t have to guess.

It’s me!!!

My boss unknowingly handed me the invite Wednesday morning. It arrived in a plain-looking envelope. However, when I flipped it over, the significance of its contents became apparent.

The words “STUD PARTY” were visible through the envelope’s back.

I opened it to discover that FINALLY a complete stranger — from Battle Ground, no less — had recognized me for the stud I am. I could be wrong, but I think my life will never be the same.

Move over Fabio, Tyson Beckford, David Beckham, etc.

Cole Small Cities is here. That’s my model name. It’s sort of like my Twitter handle, except more studly.


What exactly is the “STUD PARTY”, you ask.

It’s where everyone writes personal notes on the “STUDS” of someone’s home. At least that’s what I gathered from the invitation for the “STUD PARTY” at Tom and Michelle Garvey’s new home in Battle Ground.

On second thought, maybe this doesn’t mean I am a bonafide stud. Oh well. Cole Small Cities is here to stay.

PS: No word if noted male model and former Battle Ground Mayor Mike Ciraulo received the invitation to the “STUD PARTY.”

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