Golik sends trapper on his way

Awhile ago, the meeting mavens were comparing the lapel flair favored by our local elected officials and asked: Which pin is better?

The Clark County pin, which features a trapper paddling away in a canoe, finished last.

When Clark County Prosecutor Tony Golik took office in January, he decided that whatever message that retreating trapper is supposed to be sending, it wasn’t what he wanted on his letterhead.

Behold, the new logo of the PA’s office:


Now, Tony didn’t ask my opinion but I’m going to take this opportunity to share one of my favorite courtroom photographs.

I think if Tony really wanted to send a message to the community about what happens when one of his deputy prosecutors gets you in the courtroom, he should have asked The Columbian for permission to use this 2001 image of convicted stalker John Flora (who acted as his own attorney and acted out in court.)

The attorney in the background, by the way, is John Fairgrieve, who now serves as chief deputy prosecutor.

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