Getting buff with the CRC

When I was first handed a hard copy of the Columbia River Crossing’s draft Final Environmental Impact Statement, I knew I would be getting some serious biceps carrying it around.

The thing is a thin-sheeted, double-sided, 1,000-plus page bohemouth.

Which got me to wondering: Can I skip buying a weight set and just use this puppy instead?


I wagered that it weighs 10 pounds, kind like the “guess the weight of the pig at the fair” kind of thing.

So I thought I’d ask a few other folks I ran into while I was carrying the FEIS how much they thought it weighed.

Their guesses, and the real answer below:

  • Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt: At least 10 pounds
  • Columbian photographer Steven Lane: 7.5 pounds
  • Vancouver City Councilor Jack Burkman: About 6 pounds
  • Vancouver Transportation Policy Director Thayer Rorabaugh: 4.5 pounds

The real weight: 8.5 pounds! Wonder how many trees that is?

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