Frazzled by fireworks? Join the club

The reviews of the fireworks are in, and they are not good. And I’m not talking about the Big Show at the Fort. Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart passed along three emails today that have been received by the commissioners. And yes, the last email was to commissioners even though the writer lives in the city of Vancouver.

Email No. 1, from a woman named Donna who wants to vote on fireworks:

Good morning on July 4th. Yes, I am sleepy and my cats are still quivering under the bed. Can anyone tell me why fireworks are legal in Clark County? Back when the population was much smaller, it might have made sense, buy all the growth seriously?? I am sure that they bring in tax revenue, but does that make up for all the negatives they bring. I have lived in 4 states and nothing like what goes on here was ever allowed. I am not sure I would have moved here had I known what an unpleasant week we all have to endure this time of year.

I think that we should put this to a public vote. I believe that it is a small percentage of our population that use them, but they disrupts EVERYONE. If people think they are being patriotic they should go read a history book. Many kids today don’t even know what the celebration is all about. They just see grown ups drink beer and blow things up. I know what this does to our pets, but what about the wildlife?

Has any one ever thought to change the law? Bomber Brothers swoop in, make their profit and leave. And to add insult to it all, everything is made in China! What does it take to get something out there for a public vote? I would be glad to do my part in getting this resolved. Any suggestions?

Email No. 2, from a woman named Karen who must not count Christmas as a holiday:

Terrorizing neighborhoods for days on end is NOT patriotic. The endless explosions has nothing to do with celebrating the 4th of July, it’s about one trying to out do the other.It’s crazy and needs to be stopped! For those who say they have the right to celebrate the 4th in this most unconsiderate rude manner than give them the 4th and the 4th only. How many other holidays do we “celebrate” a week or more in advance and after? We’re tired of sleepless nights and our animals being so stressed we have to give them medications. This is nonsense. Please do something about it.

Email No. 3, from a woman who thinks all parents are too busy ‘drinking and snorting’ to watch their children:

Dear Sirs:

Please explain to me how the use of cherry bombs that shake homes, scare the animals inside and outside of the homes, not to say, scare the humans, is conducive to the 4th of July. What are the odds that the cherry bombs make celebrating the 4th fun and good. It makes no sense whatsoever. No wonder kids run amok – our state can’t even control the sale of these detrimental bombs because they are afraid of backlash.

What makes this even funnier is the fact that on the 4th you allow the use of fireworks until 1:00 A.M. when most people hit the sack between 10:00 and 11:00 just so they can go to work. Instead, they wake up stressed and sleepy because your so-called celebrators don’t know when to quit with the fireworks (long after 1 AM). Right now very loud cherry bombs are being set off by people off Lincoln and 43rd. This has been going on for 2 nights now. They are loud and they shake the property. This is very stupid behavior and it seems to be allowed by the City. You have laws for animal abuse and yet you allow the abuse by these types of fireworks. That makes no sense whatsoever. You are animal abusers.

However, back to the cherry bombs; why does Vancouver allow the use of these detrimental instruments. Parents don’t control their children (actually, they don’t give a damn because either they are too busy drinking or snorting). The City does nothing to protect animals and humans who don’t believe that the cherry bombs are conducive to celebrating the 4th. Why don’t you look to Oregon. As foolish as they are in trying to tax everything, they at least care about their residents. They don’t allow the use of certain, if not most fireworks; instead, they have a specialized area for use at the waterfront or they come to Washington’s Ft. Vancouver fireworks. I am a new resident and this failure to curb some of the fireworks sold is beyond me.

Quite honestly, your thinking is beyond me. I cannot understand the laxity that the City exhibits. It is becoming apparent to a lot of people as I am noticing more and more graffiti (some gang, some not). You will soon get the over-flow of bad people from Oregon and then you will find yourself truly over-whelmed. Oregon is pretty lax in their rules and apparently so is Washington. Do you wish to see the City of Vancouver become like the City of Portland. Prostitution, gangs, shootings every day, murders. You will unless you begin to get control of your City and start making some rules that will benefit everyone. You will begin to lose the good people of your City and only soon have a group that you will be sorry to see take over your streets. Something to consider.

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