Found: Stacee Sellers

After former Washougal Mayor Stacee Sellers lost her bid for re-election in November 2009 and abruptly resigned from her post, she vanished.

But it appears Sellers, or someone posing as the former mayor, has resurfaced.

A Facebook search for “Stacee Sellers” produced this page:


(If you’re having difficulty reading it, the photo has the word “missing” written across it.)

While security controls on the page are tight, a little detective work uncovered a few noteworthy things about the “missing” Stacee Sellers.

Former photo: A promotional poster for the TV show “LOST” appeared as the profile picture before the “missing” photo took over.

Notable Facebook friends: Washougal Councilor Paul Greenlee, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt, and Vancouver councilors Jack Burkman, Larry Smith and Jeanne Harris.

Missing from the friends list: Washougal Mayor Sean Guard, who defeated Sellers in a rancorous election race, and Washougal Councilor Jon Russell, who called for her resignation in 2009.

Perhaps the best way to see if Stacee S Sellers is the Stacee Sellers is to send her a friend request. If my request is rejected, we’ll know it’s the real Stacee Sellers.

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