For the health of it

Employees who report to the Clark County Commissioners are getting complimentary blood pressure checks Wednesday.

Not because their bosses have them researching how to levy a litter fee against The Columbian. And not because they had to suffer through a four-hour commissioners meeting last week.

No, they’ll get the checks because on Wednesday the county will hold its annual employee health and safety fair at the Elections and Auto Licensing Building.

County Administrator Bill Barron gave employees who report to the commissioners the OK to use an hour of work time to attend the event.

Employees in other elected officials’ departments were directed to check with their managers for approval.

In addition to the blood pressure checks, employees can soothe their tense muscles with a massage and get checked for spinal problems. Employees can get their eyeglass prescription checked and see if they’re candidates to have their eyes sliced into for laser surgery.

They can get their glucose levels checked and get a reading of how much body fat they have compared to lean muscle.

Folks will also be on hand to check posture and stride to help avoid or alleviate back, hip and knee pain or injury. (After seeing the photo of Commissioner Steve Stuart wearing double knee braces while playing basketball, we think he should stop by this booth.)

And quite possibly the best attraction at the health and safety fair: beer goggles. That’s right. Employees can put on goggles and complete the drunk optical course, a program that focuses on distracted and impaired drivers.

Dragonfly Café and other restaurants will offer healthy snack samples, which we presume we won’t include those cream-based soups some commissioners enjoy for lunch.

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