Fire up the rumor mill

Well, Vancouver city councilors Pat Campbell, Bart Hansen and Larry Smith are all up for reelection this fall, and folks are already lining up to try and take them down.

First up, local conservative blogs are reporting Bill Turlay (who was defeated in 2009 when he ran for retiring councilor Pat Jollota’s seat) has announced he’s running against Campbell.

Turlay is a frequent critic of the city council’s actions and is also anti light rail.

Campbell, 66, is finishing his first term on the city council. He’s yet to announce a reelection campaign, but all signs point to another run.

Also swirling through the rumor mill is that someone in David Madore’s camp may possibly take aim at Hansen. Madore financed 10 campaigns, including giving support to John Jenkins, who ran against Hansen last year.

Hansen has also not announced, but after he was appointed in January 2010, he had to run again last fall to keep his seat. He’s got to run again this year because it’s when Tim Leavitt’s (who moved up to mayor, as we all know) term would have expired.

Just remember, dear blogosphere, nothing’s firm till June’s filing deadline.

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